Here is a small collection of poetry and lyrics that were written between the years of 1996 and 2004. They are what they are, I can only hope one or two might touch someone else in a meaningful way. I write to release. These songs, lyrics, and poems reflect both raw and processed emotion.

-d5 (u.s.)-
-i remember-
-coffee cup-
-plea of one-
-a summer's eve-
-fall on-

-the priority-
-repeat condition-
-out through within-
-low res plan-
-look ahead-
-sleep away-
-my life-
-sweet & sour-

~2002-2004~ (cont'd)
-bitter reply-
-part agony-
-the cry of long past midnight-
-single volumes-
-the feel-
-worth the wait-
-my thanks-
-at any time-
-pain marinade-
-over the cliff-
-comfort of love-
-make ready-
-a fool-
-forever calls-
-she is my love-
-rise again-
-the wayside-
-a capsule of glass-
-flavor of you-
-how can it be-
-not another sad love song-
-judas and delilah-


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter