a fool

livin life is just so grand
i just cant seem to understand
why i'm not the man i want to be
i do everything that i despise
at least once a month it seems
and i know its gonna lead to my demise
but honestly its no suprise

i'm just a jacked up fool wannabe
falling so short but demanding better
not that i can ever perform
not me
just a fool wannabe

seems like i would get the point
been this way for ages and things haven't changed
so much for saving the world
lets try and make it out of bed
feels like i've been dropped on my head
memory's sketchy and my passion's adrift
try and catch this emotion in a guitar rift

consistency hasnt been there consistantly
mind wanders, wasting, time after time
sucker for affection, just one affliction
like some have written, a walking contradiction
i'll cling to the hope but leave it out
acknowledge the truth with little more than my mouth
seeing things just going south

guarding so much that nothings getting through
starving myself to trim the slack
indulging myself to fall right back
in love with distress
i'm just like the rest
though i'd rather be almost anything than that
color of choice turned to black


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter