a summer's eve

Have you ever been awake, on summer nights, alone?
And felt the thoughts, of old bygones, creep slyly ‘to your soul?
‘tis when the air is dead and warm, save the cool breeze from a fan;
and the silence loudly screeches, imitating the heart of man…

have those summer nights been anguish? Have they ripped you to the bone?
Have they offered such sweet memories, of love and friends and home?
Have they urged you to cry out alone, let everybody know?
Has your aching heart been smothered, by the world's unfriendly moans?

A memory, it strikes my mind, with cool and deadly force;
Of summer games and summer nights, I'm searching for the source;
One by one they come to mind, stained deep into my heart;
Those friends and loves my soul holds close, while time sets us apart.


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter