bitter reply

play your cards like you want to
self-perceived independence and control are your god
do you think you could mean what you say a bit longer
i forgot you're too important to be wrong
want to keep me from hurting, try lying to my face
that'll work, it won't hurt, that you gave up the race
you try to imitate the confidence i have in what's right
tell me you love me, run talk to another
tell me there's no trust as you break it down
act like i'm the problem when my concerns cover two
that's you and i miss, not another, me and you
don't trust me anymore, its not like i've stayed by your side
i haven't been there when you needed, i sure haven't tried
i haven't covered you in kisses, i haven't driven you around
i haven't washed all your dishes or massaged you all night
i haven't tried to do the best that i could
i've never said never, i've talked and i've tried
i've told you i want you and your pursuit of what's right
tell me you're trying not to hurt me or him
transplant your trust and your keys and your whims
it's not like you care anymore about why
the reasons i broke up i've explained, or i tried
you must not understand what i wanted to do
or you don't want to put the effort into
i'm obviously the failure, i'm surely to blame
i'm an untrustworthy heathen, i should be ashamed


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter