a capsule of glass

a capsule of glass, fragments inside
just plain pale white to the first glancer's eye

brilliant reflections, when light hits just right
revealing the treasure these stones have to hide

this package of glass, its content of stone
it resides in a place very far from its home

sitting quite still, in the home it was placed
abandoned by love this man's heart embraced

desireable ornament? perhaps it is not
still sitting away hoping a reunion is sought

this vile of opals, embodies my grief
a symbol of what my heart seems to me

not truely prescious, but they are what they are
each one of billions, each one alone
i thought they were safe, i pledged they would be
but its not my choice
no, its not my choice
it cant be my choice anymore

you, its dependant on you
cant this be seen on through?
i'll do what i can
i want to be your man
but it seems all lost now, seems all lost

they say time will tell and it will
they say this will heal but its up to me
but i dont want to let go of this pain i feel
'cause its from you, and i want you here with me

i made a commitment with you
it was something, one thing to try and do right this time
a goal of loving you
not just for kicks, not just for smiles
but to love all through the ups and downs

your beauty captured me
maybe so much i couldnt see
your smile made me smile
your energy glowed
your spirit moved right through my soul
your words
your kisses
your embrace and words i'm now missin'

i can almost feel the warmth of your hand in mine (again)
i can still remember you sleeping in my arms
the comfort was priceless, knowing that you loved me
i did not think anyone could
now i guess i was right


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter