swinging between ideals and realities
from conquering to surrender
from the euphoric to the tragic
trying to calculate the balance
trying to unlock the secrets to society and self
afraid to commit to any less than the best ideal
realizing time is always running out
scared i keep missing something
not wanting to let go of the innocent goals
knowing the lack thereof is inevitable for most
misunderstanding the greatest fear, frustration, and pain
persevering through it seems more than worth it all
it fights parts of ourselves but is so much greater
it hurts as i pass what i think i want
trusting in patience and direction beyond
have to know what to shed and what hold to
when to go when to stay what to do and how long
when to trust what's inside when to learn from the out
who to let in and how deep
what to say
who will listen
what is right anymore
when everyone's misguided somewhere, somehow
i'm just one in a billion of 10 million like me
we're here for someone but they always seem out of reach


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter