fall on

See you, see me, see past, fall on
On or out, regret, rewind
John and bobby, Jacob and me, kings of the creek, curious and free
Midnight sleepovers, tests of our strength, what mortal powers did we possess
Emily and Tina, Melissa and Bree, all so beautiful, all out of reach
First time passions, lessons and losses

In me she confided, of rape and pain, acid came and took her away
You think you're better but I know you're not
Scuffles and fights in courtyard and street
Never making the school basketball team
Bright lights in the night's cool crisp clean air
Stars through the wind in the back of a truck
Life has begun but life will end, and you have no second chance

The first kiss at a bus stop, the first attempt
The first love, the first loss, the freedom, and hate
No description fits the emotion, of loss, of hopeless uselessness
Unable to show you what I've seen and heard and felt and smelled
Of different worlds, seemed parallel but not, its all moving at the same time and there's no pause, and there's no rewind
The beauty of people an places and things is too much, there's too many, and there is no way to prove it to anyone except if they're there and you're with them but there's too many, to be there, to see, and to touch
I love too many, too many, too much, and if I were to die by my own hand there might be enough of my soul to go around….There's too many questions with too many answers, too many people who could fill my place.
An inadequate dot in a sea of nothing and if nothing begets nothing than I have no cause to stay but to regret the past and think of death. No cause but to hope those I love in their thousands will join with me together in the nowhere perfect world. See you, see me, see fast, fall on, on or out, regret, rewind…stop


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter