flavor of you

tenderness, it comes to mind, as i'm thinking of you
the very softness of your skin, has me believe that i am in a dream
the warmth of you, all of you, makes me feel that you are home
the gentleness, of your touch, is like the cool summer breeze

i'm captured by you, enveloped by you, its a feeling of delight
your very essence beckons me to gratify your needs
i'm longing for you, want more of you, need you next to me
you're gorgeous to me, everything, all i want to do is please

happiness, is what i know, as i'm laying here with you
the playfulness, the slowest kiss, the very taste of you
you poke my ribs, i tickle you, the world has no more hold
the moments there, just you and i, i'll hold 'til long past old

brushing your hair, stroking your cheek, i can just barely speak
my heart soars high, my body sighs, your love has burrowed deep
your big brown eyes do colorize but i'm looking deep within
your lovely lips, aren't all thats supple, move me like a mighty wind

knowing that you love me dearly, commitment that you show
makes me want to be a better man, and love you more and more
loving you is such an honor, making life so bearable
i love you dearly, come close and hear me, you don't have to walk alone


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter