judas and delilah

stay close to me and gather trust
live side by side through the months
try and be that confidant

use your position and use your place
collect all the data that i give away
disperse it for your will

forge ahead with your self-righteous plan
betray and eviscerate adopted kin
kill me for your prize

charge on forward encased in your dream
fall into the trap and conform to the whims
you'll have hung yourself

he is my judas
betrayal for personal gain game
the virus that takes over its host
no regard but for its own
be gone from me

you drew me in and altered my world
love and lust potion mixed in a spill
capture my heart and affection

speak those sweet nothings, cover in kisses
profess love and commitment, declare your resolve
self-preservation trumps all

seek to advance comfort, for you as you please
keep the knife behind you as you pose on your knees
happiness is your god, deceiver

surging onward in your easy path
encapsulated in your tiny world
embrace yellow-stained white

she's my delilah
instrument of my destruction
human shields, hungry power lust
blindly act your part, to have your own way
you think you know and you have control
evanesce tormentor



copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter