make ready

confused i wait but i have known
the path is obscure but assured
endless posibilities, until i mess them up
it'll work for the best though

you've been a strength to me
but i've got to let go
find the power that is and will ever be
then i'll return and take you, you'll see

i'm probably not ready for what my heart now desires
i've got a head full of dreams and a handful of mud
theres not much more to do than grow out of this rut
gotta live out there and breathe in the reality

gut-wrenching feelings of love, tear at me daily
when will i know its real this time
i've given myself, i've been thrown right back at me
now a wanderer, i've lost my own trust

bright sparks and angels ignite a battered soul
tryin to love with pure love, am i?
want to know who i'll know until we're 60 years old
will my mind and my heart betray their true calling


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter