not another sad love song

please don't leave
please don't leave
i can't stand to see you trail away
your very presense keeps my eyes aglow
all i can do is sit back and pray

what i want to do is hold you close
what i want is to gently brush your hair
what i feel is emptyness when you're gone
what i need is to know you understand

its the tenderness that is in you
i wish you trusted that it would pull you through
seeing you fiercly defend your stance on life
its not about a person's wrong or right

i pray you'll see the meaning beyond words
i hope your patience lasts on throught assault
i trust God will be there when you call
i pray you'll give yourself even more to the higher law

each day i have to remind myself
listen and discern, don't get angry when you're hurt
know that we are all the same, age old sin levels the plain
keep calm, try to understand, intake all thats in the hand
words just tell half the tale, actual action means the world
human nature's always there, no human has all answers
do everything not for someone, but for God's constant audience
love the unloved, do what's right
live for eternal things, not what dies
live to the fullest, don't fall back
learn from the past, and move on but don't forget
forgive as as we're forgiven
love as we've been loved
have faith because we're held by ultimate strength

i know that i am not a perfect man
i know that i am held by stronger hands
i am trying to simply live this life
i see you integrated in my path



copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter