over the cliff

write me a song, load it with sweetness and longing
show me a meaning beyond what i'm feeling
love and obstacles, your hair and the breeze

write me some poem, stock it with sympathy
show me your caring above what i'm seeing
love and understanding, warmth and the sun

write me a story, fill it with advice
show me a path towards the goal that i'm dreaming
love and wisdom, breath and the air

it might be just that easy, we might just miss it daily
i could pretend to understand, i could act like i'm in control
it just wouldn't be true

is it worth going on in error?
i'm lead to believe so
is it right to ignore the warnings?
i'm sure we'll do it anyway

standing in a current, drifting downstream
anchors i grasp at, then i let go
letting the torrent take me again
let it flow
let it go
swim on upstream

things might be less complicated than i suspect, imaginations do run wild
i should just let things go, i should act on face value
but that's not all there is to go on

out lives might not be a lie, if we told the truth
i could reveal my deceptions, i could try and make things right
if only we all would

better to strive on
if you're not heading over a cliff
better to turn around
if you're not heading for the stars


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter