pain marinade

i just want to say come back to me
i just wanted you to stay
now you say back off from me
you've got to step away
so you took that piece of my heart
now the wound is seared by fire
and i limp away crying and pray
God please take my life today

i was hanging onto any piece of you
i just wanted to feel close
didn't care if it was joy or pain
just wanted to feel close to you
it was killing me every day
but i held on cause i love you
even agony didn't bother me
like the thought of leaving you

sometimes i wish i could just hate you
something to make me let you go
sometimes i think that it could happen
but love would linger right below
frustration's have me trapped
but i'm holding on to it too
this is why i hate myself sometimes
i marinate in the pain


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter