part agony

how am i supposed to leave that face
how am i supposed to forget the body i've embraced
one thousand times, i want a thousand more
how can i leave someone that i adore

with all the trouble that's been caused
with all the hurt and all the loss
i still can't see what i could do
when the dreams still contain you

i lay helpless in this state
i pray for you and i can't wait
to see the smile come to your eyes
when understanding dispels lies
i love you and i can't break the ties
when you laugh and smile my spirit flies
i know nothing here lasts forever
but we just might make a difference if we're together
if it doesn't work i still won't ever be the same
i'll have to smile and cry each time i hear your name
what's a man to do


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter