plea of one

tuck me in, lead me on, I do, I do, I do
sin me up, have the fun, with deathly dagger drawn
my shadow has it's faces too, its usefulness but evil old and impacts here and yon and now I'm 'fraid that i am gone, am gone, am gone, am gone
I'm quite afraid I'm gone

smile at me, pass right by, I know, I understand
your lives are quite more precious than most try to comprehend
cant you see what I can see has come to be at hand, and could I see that which you do now and know and love for all? but no, oh no, oh no… our infinite nearsightedness
gives no vision but our own

my empty hands, they burdon me, no weight to make them light
load me down, push me on, a free man I'll then be
a head so weak from hurt in fights, those not seen by mortal eyes or ears or arms and now I've died, yes, more than thrice, and yet I live and die each day again and yet on still
I'll die and be thrown back to life

arms I crave, arms I have, true arms I have refused
the soft touch of a woman close yet valued more than His
but His are more than everything I need, often I have mused, arms of womanly sweetness yes, His tools, imperfect yet renewed and used and blessed with heavn'ly bliss
His endless ways of kindness

here I crouch, a weak found man, I hope, I wish, I pray
to be in Him, but still I sin, and doubt and run away
know what to do, know what to say, and try for what its worth, self-confidence and doubt stand near an tear me quite apart, my self inflicted falls
they blame, I must accept

distracted, disturbed, yet always calmed, when I think to ask my God
comfort He gives, i thankfully serve, for He who gave us choice

-eric s


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter