resent what happened, take it back
your words betrayed the track that you laid for my heart
now i loathe each step you take to him
now i'm trapped loving you as you burn within (me)
tossing while sleeping, my mind explores it's own
creations, delusions, haphazard roles
a race and a falling, white gowns that flow
spinning and churning above a still calm
corrosive smiles, acidic embrace, pleasant and warm, until you're away
then the air from the space between you and i,
fires destruction, and eats through, melts through my inside
i waded into this lake of fire for you, you keep me because i let you and i let you for love
you've said you could destroy me, it's already done
take your best shot, i could too, but there's nothing to be won
resent and repent or be gone from my sight


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter