sweet & sour

life is sweet, life is sour, your life can change within an hour
it doesn't pause until it ends, a day at a time each life extends
some view it too harshly, some view it too light, some try view it in perspective's light
hard as it is to understand, hard as we try to comprehend, the whole picture's too big for one human
learning from others and learning from past, learning from teachings and this world that's so vast
imagine each perspective and live through each eye, perhaps apply your own instincts in others lives
try to see what the world feels and step out of your skin, know every person is different but we are all kin
no one is better than any other at heart, the choices we make are the forming art
a canvas that builds layers of paint upon paint; mixing, covering, a picture we create
astounding the need we can have to explain, the nature of this life that before us is lain
we can take it with joy or we can take it with disdain, an essential choice that's simple and plain
its a hourly choice, minute by minute, second by second, instant by instant
it can change any time, from the moment you begin it


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter