the cry of long past midnight

i'm just a boy
lost inside my dreams
drifting away out at sea

i'm just a man
trapped in a boy
trapped in a man's world

don't know why i try
without Your hand to guide
my way leads away from hope

my body echoes moans
my soul it truly groans
in pain searching for home

i know Your way is perfect i know my soul is safe in You
You will guide me home

i feel so imperfect
each thought i think is hurting
desire's making teary streams

i'm trying to get better
hoping to remember faith
pushing through the embers of the fires in my heart
hoping they'll be fueled again

each step i take brings happiness and pain
each day brings challenge and blessing

i wade through too much caring
afraid of someone's staring
seeing through my frail old shell

why can't i just get it
why don't i just stand in confidence
moving forward with His help


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter