the wayside

so love was awakened before its right time
emotions went soaring, stakes raised in the night
an alliance was forged without words in two hearts
transgressions took tolls, unsaid words took light

still commitment is solid, one replaced the former
my patience will be tested with time and much rigor
the love that still reigns will last through the years
the tears in my eyes will make rivers and seas

the hope that remains will fight all the odds
i will play by the rules, try to focus on God's
i will let her go off if she chooses to go
i will welcome her back if she chooses so

i love her, but i made mistakes
i love her, i can't stand letting go
i love her, and i can't bring her back
i love her, and it's going to last forever
i love her, so i'll sit by the wayside...and love her



copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter