I cant stand being a part from you
I need you, to see you, to hold you, to love you
iíve got to show you, express how I feel
I canít sleep, Iím scared, Iím restless, Iím torn
Iíts indescribable
too cruel to impose on my worst enemy
Iíts killing me from the inside out
Iíd need to live ten separate lives
but I canít and its killing me
Itís ripping away......
I need you, to see you, to hold you, to love you
to hold you
there are too many friends in different places
too many memories I canít forget
I want to but canít and itís shredding me
twirling, spinning out of control
in a whirlpool of emotion
donít let yourself love too many in the end itíll be your death
Iím hopeless, and helpless, and powerless, itís weakness
and itís killing me
I canít stand it
itís killing me, shredding me, tearing me
tearing me apart at the seams, Iím going to scream
Damn it all, get me out
Of this whirlpool of death thats sucking my soul
God please help me before iím no more
cause itís killing me

-Eric S


copyright 1999 - 2005 eric p setter